chapter 23 What's New in Pro Tools 2022.9

In this chapter, we’ll take a look at accessibility improvements and changes in Pro Tools 2022.9 including the following areas:

  • HEAT Controls show/Hide button
  • Quantize Cluster
  • Memory Locations
  • Aux I/O
  • Avid Audio Bridge
  • Clip Effects Tab
  • Melodyne ARA
  • Enhanced Controllers Preferences
  • Pro Tools Intro

The items covered here mostly regard features that impact accessibility. To learn more about everything that’s new in this new release, refer to the “What’s New in Pro Tools 2022.9” PDF found within the Pro Tools Documentation folder.

HEAT Controls Show/Hide Button

The expand/collapse button at the bottom right of the Mix window has been renamed to “HEAT Controls Show/Hide Button.” It was previously misnamed as a”Mix Window View Selector.” Although the current name is not completely accurate (it should actually be called the “HEAT Master Show/Hide Button”), the new name is at least closer to what it should be.

Quantize Cluster

Pro Tools 2022.9 now includes a new item within the Edit window toolbar known as the “Quantize Cluster” which offers quick access to key quantization controls. Just like other toolbar items in the Edit window, it can be shown or hidden through the Toolbar Options menu.

Memory Locations Count Increased

With Pro Tools 2022.9, the memory locations count has been increased fromm 999 to 31,999. This offers a tremendous amount of flexibility to use the various options that memory locations offer without any concern for running out of memory location slots.

Aux I/O

Pro Tools 2022.9 introduces a new feature called “Aux I/O” which allows users to enable Core Audio devices from within the I/O Setup window. From within either the Input or Output tabs, there’s a new button labelled “Aux I/O.” This button brings up the Aux I/O window where you can choose which devices you’d like to appear as options for audio input and output throughout the current session. Aux I/O is not meant to replace the main interface or playback engine but rather supplement those when needed.

Avid Audio Bridge

Pro Tools 2022.9 also introduces another addition to the I/O paths available both to Pro Tools and also to Mac OS (Big Sur or later) through a series of Core Audio drivers. Avid Audio Bridge can be thought of as sort of a virtual sound device that appears throughout the Mac OS and Pro Tools. With Avid Audio Bridge, one can route audio between Pro Tools and any other application, even another DAW. Much like Aux I/O, Avid Audio Bridge should not be considered a primary interface but rather an extra source for routing audio.

Melodyne ARA

Pro Tools 2022.9 introduces the incorporation of Melodyne ARA into the Pro Tools environment. Unfortunately, the Melodyne interface within the Melodyne tab is not accessible. With VOCR, it’s possible to detect the presence of the interface but it’s not usable in a reliable way. The good news for now is that it’s no longer necessary to “transfer” audio as was necessary with the plug-in. Now it’s possible to simply select an audio track and choose “Edit” from the Melodyne submenu within the Track menu and begin using the arrow keys to select blobs. The built-in Melodyne keyboard shortcuts work for changing pitches by semitones or cents.

As the community of users appeals to Celemony to make their Melodyne interface accessible, we’ll keep updating any information here.

Clip Effects Area Relocated

In previous versions of Pro Tools, the Clip Effects area was toward the top of the ruler displays. In Pro Tools 2022.9, the Clip Effects area has been relocated to its own tab in the edit window alongside the Docked MIDI Editor and the new Melodyne tab. Everything else about how Clip Effects works is the same as in previous versions of Pro Tools.

Enhanced Controllers Preferences

A new set of checkboxes has been added to the Controllers area of the Mixing tab of Pro Tools Preferences in version 2022.9. The checkboxes enable the automatic scrolling of tracks to the top or left of the front window when the tracks are selected from a control surface. This also applies to track selection performed via the Control+P and Control+Semicolon commands. Previously , this was a feature available only through EUCON but is now included for third-party control surfaces.

Pro Tools Intro

Along with Pro Tools 2022.9, Avid has released “Pro Tools Intro,” a free version of the program with a limited feature set that anyone can download and use. Pro Tools Intro is based on the very same user interface as Pro Tools 2022.9 so the experience of using it with VoiceOver is the same. Initial testing also indicates that it works well with Flo Tools.

Written on January 1, 2022