chapter 21 Pro Tools Search and Keyboard Shortcuts

In this chapter, we’ll look at two new windows introduced in Pro Tools 2022.4: Pro Tools Search and Keyboard Shortcuts.

Pro Tools Search Window

The Pro Tools Search window provides a quick and easy way to find commands and controls within Pro Tools. This might include menu items, commands nested within right-click menus or even tools within toolbars. Typing into the Search window’s text field yields a list of results which can be navigated with VoiceOver. Clicking on an item executes the default action which might be a toggle or a menu command or some other action.

To open the Pro Tools Search window, go to the Window menu and choose “Search” or press Control+Shift+S.

Key Shortcuts:
  • Open Pro Tools Search: Control+Shift+S

Keyboard Shortcuts Window

The Keyboard Shortcuts window is a powerful tool for assigning and customizing keyboard shortcuts for over a thousand actions within Pro Tools. You can organize the shortcuts list by tags and even search shortcuts by keystroke. Keysets can be saved, imported, exported and merged through the preset librarian.

To open the Keyboard Shortcuts window, go to the Window menu and choose “Keyboard shortcuts” or press Control+Shift+K.

Key Shortcuts:

Open Keyboard Shortcuts Window: Control+Shift+K Show Keyboard Shortcuts Help: Command+H Move selection between Search field and Commands list: Command+F Enable “Search by Key”: Command+K move selection to Commands list (if “Search by Key” is enabled): Double-press Spacebar Clear search and filters: Double-press X Move selection up/down in Commands list: Up/Down Arrow keys Edit Key Combination for the selected command: Spacebar Clear the Key Combination for the selected command: Delete Toggle Focus on/off for the selected command: Command+C Reset the Key Combination for the selected command to its default: Command+R Cycle through columns and sort commands by column (ascending/descending): Command+S Cancel changes and close window: Esc

Written on January 1, 2022